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About Us
For over four decades, Hayman has been a trusted name in the West Australian boating community. Now as the family business expands, we will continue to focus on taking the hassle out of boating by offering comprehensive services to make your life on the water as enjoyable and stress free as possible . Your pleasure is our business.

Our Services

Owning a boat is owning a lifestyle. A choice you have made to invest your hard earned energy and work on something that will put a smile on your face. With all your energy and hard work, you want someone you can trust to make sure the sale or purchase of your new or existing vessel is as smooth sailing as possible. We have been helping boat owners for over four decades to sell or find their new recreational escape.

Boat Maintenance
Have you been working all week, only to find a day of your precious downtime has been consumed with cleaning when you should be out enjoying the sun and the sea? Our detailing packages offer you the ability to relax and enjoy your downtime so you get the most enjoyment from your boat. Packages include;

- Complete wash down of all fibreglass areas above the gunwale.
- Cleaning of clears and covers.

- Complete wash down of all fibreglass areas above the gunwale.
- Cleaning and application of polishing agents to clears.
- Cleaning and polishing of all stainless steel.

- All items noted in both the SILVER and GOLD packages, with the addition of;
- Application of polish to all fibreglass areas above the gunwale.
- Hard wax application to all areas above the gunwale to ensure a lasting shine.

As well as your regular cleaning, we also offer full hull polishing and waxing, as well as antifouling services for your annual maintenance programme. We also work in conjunction with many of WA's leading mechanics and shipwrights to provide you a total maintenance programme.

Spilt a little Chardonnay on your last trip or has the power gone off and your fridge or ice maker have defrosted? Our carpet cleaning services can help clean up the mess, as well as giving your boat a much needed refreshed feel. Looking to replace your carpets? It can be one of the easiest ways to spruce up your saloon or cockpit.

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